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Evolved proficiency, designing/delivering Big Data, CMS to E-commerce and E-learning solutions.

Veteran business analyst, projects manager, UX Director, Digital Media Design/Arts, 20+ years expertise in mobile/Ecommerce app/product development: SEO/Analytics, recognized in UX Design, online instruction certifications, MIS/CIS/IT technical leader. Author, executive, educator.

Business Analyst/Project Manager (Corporate/Government/Academic Systems)

Barton James --- January 1992 – Present (23+ years) Pittsburgh, PA and Daytona Beach, FL

Presidential level executive/educator experienced in solution management, proven marketing methods, UX/design, imaging expert, Adobe products and photography (Galleries/Publications).

- Publishing (2015) “DIGITAL IMAGE: A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA” (Press deadline August 2015)
- Published (2013) DIGITAL MEDIA: A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA” (ISBN: 978-1-48174-010-4)
- Recent contracts: PHASE4, WashArts, Daytona State, Holiday Inn, Aztec 48, food/hospitality.
- Previous contracts: Penn State, Novell/Cambridge, Dick’s/USWeb, InVenture/IBM/Fisher.



Š  Owner/Author, Barton James: Book published “DIGITAL MEDIA: A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA” Summary 900+ projects, 500 companies, 30 categories. Volunteer Board President, WashArts.

Š  Director/Professor, Daytona State College: Established international, continuing education certificate departments, training at Presidential level, for academic, government, participants.

Š  Graduate Degree/Instructor, Penn State University: $1.2 million Congressional Children Youth Families At-Risk (CYFAR), Youth Engaged in Technology (YET); web, video, imaging, robotics, nanotech; coordinated, trained, certified dozens of at-risk youth in digital media.

Š  Partner, Novell/Cambridge Technology Partners: Managed design/launch, $1+ million high profile online projects, creative, tech, content developed PNC Advisors, Federated, Mellon Labs.

Š  Director, Dick's Sporting Goods/USWeb: Corporate, designed/launched $30+ million first-ever Ecommerce, hired 50+ employees, formed 7 departments. Established two regional studios hired personnel, capturing 20,000 images, 40,000 SKUs in record 9 months, saving $8 million due record-breaking reduction in image handling rate, $75 to avg. $5.35 per image.

Š  Manager, InVenture/IBM/Fisher: Designed/delivered initial $1.5 million international IBM labs "BESTeam" software reseller channel program, benefits FedEx/RPS, USWeb/Dick's, Fisher.



Š  Project Management: DSC Certification (SDLC PMP/Six Sigma Equivalent), QA/Scripts/Testing

Š  UX/Creative Design: SEO/Predictive Analytics, UX Design/Flow, Architect, Wireframe, Adobe

Š  Content Management: Blackboard/D2L, Course/Inventory, MS Office Suite, Final Cut, Wordpress/Drupal, RDBMS (Oracle), CMS/DBMS (SQL/ODBC/API), Merchant Transactions.

Š  Technology: S/HTML, CMS, CSS, 3D/Maya/Softimage, Autodesk/CADD, JSP/PHP, COBOL, C++, BASIC, FORTRAN, MOS (Mobile Operating Systems): iOS, Android, Win Mobile, WebOS.



M.F.A., Interdisciplinary (UX/Interactive Media), Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, 2007.

B.S., Graphic Communications (Electronics Engineering Concentration), Clemson, SC, 1991.

Leadership Development: Project Management, Pgh., Filmmaker’s, USWeb Learning/HyCurve.


32 Woodstone Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32164  :  (412) 969-6456  :


Business Analyst (Director/Professor, President’s International Project)

Daytona State College --- August 2006 – August 2011 (5+ years) Daytona Beach, FL

International liaison/media advisor, continuing contract director/professor to establish branch campus, certified departments; “teaching out” at the Advanced Technology College.
- Advisor to Dominican President Leonel Fernandez, Funglode, Santo Domingo (2 yrs).
- Advisor to Tyrone-Donegal Partnership, certificates (5D’s) for Omagh, Ireland (4 yrs).
- Taught 30 topics for three departments (Digital Media, Photography, Computer Science).
- 150+ articles, news releases, images published (News Journal, In-Focus, MyTopiaCafe).


Graduate Student/Instructor (MFA Awarded, Goddard - 4.0 GPA Induction, AEL)

Penn State University  --- June 2003 – August 2006 (3+ years) Washington, PA

Managed Washington, from $1.2 million grant, Congressional Children Youth Families At-Risk (CYFAR), Youth Engaged in Tech (YET) statewide (Washington, Potter, State College).
- Superintendent’s liaison to establish web, imaging, robotics; recipient “Educator of Year.”

- Created, implemented, trained dozens of at-risk youth in digital media (certified in 5D’s).
- 50+ articles, covers (Post Gazette, Observer Reporter, Almanac, Suburb Living Magazine).

Client Partner (Ohio Valley Region, Financial and Retail/Ecommerce Sector)
Novell/Cambridge Tech Partners
--- February 2000 – June 2002 (2.5 years) Pgh., PA

Responsible to $1 million high profile client projects, consultants, architecture, creative and content (PNC Advisor's, Mellon Labs, Federated PayVest) targeting high net worth clients.
- Advisor/speaker Senator Rockefeller’s Technology Corridor: UX design, HCI functionality.
- Created “Many Facets Conference”;
implemented project methodology (5D’s) worldwide.


Director of Production/Ecommerce (Architected, Staffed, Launched:

Dick’s Sporting Goods/USWeb --- June 1997 – February 2000 (2 years 9 months) Pgh., PA

Accounts Management, with USWeb/National Digital Media Practice responsible for Dick’s $30+ million first-ever online super-store investment (, Bayer Non/NAFTA, PNC Online Training, Carrier (, and CENTRIA (

- Reported direct to President/CEO, Bill Colombo, Dick’s Corporate Headquarters (2 yrs).
- 20K images, 40K SKU’s, record 9 months, $8 million saved ($75 to $5.35/image handling).
- Established two studios, 23 employees, in-store Pgh, PA, in-warehouse Columbus, OH.
- Managed global Internet strategy for Bayer, Polymer’s (USA) & Bayer, AG (Germany).
- Appointed rollout PMI/CSI based, "5D" methodology to 54 International USWeb offices.


Manager/Director, New Business (Projects Manager, Key Accounts)

Inventure Group/IBM/Fisher Scientific --- August 1992 – June 1997 (5 years) Pgh., PA

Managed key accounts, InVenture Group/Black Box technology, information, creative to produce marketing, multimedia, info-bases, video/audio for IBM, FedEx/RPS, Electronic Images, USWeb and Fisher Technology Group’s first-ever, online e-Sourcing, ProcureNet’.
- Invented, designed, manufactured, trials, in-store P.O.P. as SMG (Sound Marketing Group).
- Managed nine IBM Labs, $1.5 million IBM “BESTeam” software re-seller channel program.
- Architected, managed sets of 14 CD, cataloguing IBM’s 250 full-line of software products.
- Managed channel projects: Industrial Electronics (IE), FedEx Gound (RPS), EI/USWeb.
- Managed training: ATT Multi-Source (MSFS), Training Development Resourcss. (TDR).
- Initiated, architected, implemented Fisher’s first-ever $2 million e-Commerce catalog.
- Developed process, converted 2,600 pages, 11,000 images and 180,000 product SKU’s.
- Partnership/ProcureNet’s e-supply chain, IBM OS/2, TV/2 Software Lab, Manassas, VA.



32 Woodstone Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32164  :  (412) 969-6456  :



Barton “Bart” James Christner is a recognized Business Analyst and Program/Projects Manager.


A veteran UX Architect and Creative Director, with two decades experience in Big Data/Content (CMS), E-commerce Production and Learning Management Systems (LMS) reporting direct to the President of Dick’s Sporting Goods, President of Daytona State College and the President of the Dominican Republic.


His second book nears completion, a complement to his (the first published of a six book series) DIGITAL MEDIA: A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA with contributions from 30+ of his fortune clients, executives at IBM, Bayer, Carrier, Holiday Inn and Royal Caribbean cruise liners. Bart received dozens of industry and leadership awards, 100+ commendation letters and 30+ personal Linked In written recommendations.


Bart’s critically acclaimed art/design solutions feature on covers of mobile application interfaces, web pages, newspapers, magazines, books, and billboards, Observer Reporter, Almanac, Suburban Living, Post Gazette, In-Focus and News Journal. His familiarity with multiple platform, programming languages, software interface, media, marketing and recognized photographic skills, with travel to 48 states, Santo Domingo, Toronto, Frankfurt/Dusseldorf, Dublin/Omagh, showcased in dozens of exhibitions and galleries, at fortune corporate headquarters, Fisher Scientific, Dick’s, including permanent 5x20 foot installations at The George Washington and Southeast Museum of Photography.


Bart earned his graduate M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Art (UX/Interactive Media) at the Goddard College & University, having earned a prior B.S. in Graphic Communications (Electronics Engineering Concentration) at Clemson University. Teaching in three departments (Computer Science, Digital Imaging and Visual Arts) he completed six years Director/Associate Professor at Daytona State College, ten overall years adjunct with Penn State and then Robert Morris University, and he has contributed annually as an inner-city youth mentor through Presley Ridge Schools, Outside-In, Penn State’s Youth Engaged in Technology (YET), and Daytona State’s Advanced Technology College (ATC). Bart’s volunteered since its inception, guiding youth at the Washington Community Arts and Cultural Center, nominated by its founder, he was elected Board President 2013-14.


Bart has lead outdoor recreation, instruction in whitewater kayaking and trip videography, spelunking, skydiving, has played and coached youth soccer. He and his wife, Carol (BA/MA, LMT, RMHC and soon LMHC) have a combined seven children, enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Florida coastline, finding new playgrounds, exploring parks and recreational areas.


32 Woodstone Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32164  :  (412) 969-6456  :


“Most problems have their origins at the BEGINNING of the project – a failure to get the basics right on the front end, a failure to get everyone on the same page about how and why of the project, and a tendency to think too tactically about content management.”

– John Mancini, Apr 23, 2014


INVENTURE/IBM BESTeam – International Reseller/ Content Management System (CMS)

Situation/Task: IBM a $100 billion company. International software resellers demanded a convenience, managing 250 paper-based, 3-ring product binders, each tabbed with package glossy, slip sheets, spec sheets, install instructions, training media, even trial version software.

Updates arrived at reseller locations, binders opened, pages replaced by hand, one at a time.

Action: Nine worldwide IBM labs provide 15,000 “containers” (papers, plastic, cards, disks, CD’s, JPG, TIFF’s, Word docs, ASCII text, video, code). Solid style and layout procedures with strict enforcement solved disparities in physical and logical form/format (size, platform, compatibility). Proposed taxonomy and consistent metadata reduced future distillation and migration needs. Addressing internal politics, examining unreleased versions, prepared for tight deadlines, preventing derailed process estimates and exposure to project “scope creep.”

Result: Eliminating physical assets, we branded, designed and delivered IBM’s first-ever, all digital, portable, navigable, searchable, “IBM BESTeam” Content Management System (CMS).


USWEB/DICK’S SPORTING GOODS - E-commerce (Full-Store, Retail Merchant Provider)

Situation/Task: Dick’s a $6 billion company. Amazon’s success compelled the manufacturer Nike (a supplier to Dick’s) to break precedent, investing 11% in, an upstart online sporting goods retailer. Dick’s quickly allocated $30 million to their first-ever, Replicating a 40,000 SKU “brick/mortar” online required a virtual/mobile Big Data storefront.

Action: Predictive analytics informed planograms to wireframes, usability/focus groups, UX interface design, customized content to warehouse inventory management, and secure/online transaction processing. Content production preceded later vendor supply, studios shot 20,000 products, descriptions, details written, promotions, “how to buys,” price, payment and shipping. Leveraging concurrent ASPX/SQL farms, permissions/schema required rules and constraints (paintball guns illegal to sell in Philadelphia; drivers don’t unload “over 70 pound” treadmills).

Result: Amazon’s impact against Barnes and Noble remains significant. Logistics experience, with our rapid design/build response, maintains Dick’s Sporting Goods market dominance, now second only to Wal Mart in sporting goods annual revenue, while Fogdog’s long out of business.


DAYTONA STATE/IRELAND/D.R. – E-Learning/Learning Management System (LMS)

Situation/Task: Daytona State a $130 million college. Credible online education and qualified teachers, unconstrained by distance, costs, time, revolutionizes individual learning potential. Tyrone-Donegal Partners, Ireland and Funglode, Dominican Republic asked to augment existing brick/mortar locations, connecting their citizens to accredited, virtual U.S. course/programs.

Action: Travel to Omagh and Santo Domingo, providing a Learning Management System (LMS) design, production and delivery, bridged established, degreed programs from Daytona State with both a remote Irish and Hispanic international student base. Supporting portability and standards, application and enrollment through Desire2Learn and Blackboard systems, offered personalized content enabling knowledge reuse. Centralized administration, self-guided new student services, rapidly assembled content, delivered prior, unavailable web-based training.

Result: Irish, Dominican, other international and remote domestic U.S. students, today register for courses, course administration, skills gap analysis, tracking, and reporting add, enhance and support classroom teaching, offering Daytona State’s courses to a larger population of learners.


32 Woodstone Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32164  :  (412) 969-6456  :


WASHARTS (Volunteer, 10+ Years) – Nominated/Elected Board President (2013-14)

Situation/Task: Washington Community Arts Cultural Center a $500,000 non-profit. Urban industry, prosperity, coal, steel, glass declined. 15,000 residents in 3 square miles, 13% educate beyond high school, 25% drop out, unemployment, poverty and distressed communities, place youth at risk for anti-social behavior, school failure, alcohol/drugs and habitual disengagement.

Action: Serve adults/youth from all economic backgrounds. Inspire talented people to generate ideas, to innovate, bridge gaps between private capital markets, low-income neighborhoods, providing affordable instruction through interactive arts/technology, and urban revitalization.

Fund, build, grow facilities, assemble, coordinate, professional instructors, attract, inspire residents, generate and network talent, it’s purpose to match capability with opportunity.

Result: Corporate, university, “buy local” partnerships, 6,000 sq. ft., studio space, Penn State’s Youth Engaged in Technology (YET) student Internet solutions, video, audio, photography, draw, paint, clay, dance, theater, courses, ten years incorporation inspired thousands of careers.


HEMLOCK HOUSE and MESPIN HOUSE – Studio Laboratory (Project/Media Development)

Situation/Task: Barton James coining the phrase “legacy ascends life,” concedes to Maslow.

An adolescent “knack” for art/technology, courses in drafting/blueprints, mentored by a teacher and weekend video entrepreneur, a lifelong friend of 35+ years, ignited passion for modern invention, architecture, media production, peer recognition and historical significance.

Action: To learn and affirm acumen, renovating a blighted Civil War era (1963) structure, establish, network a MEdia SPecifications INstitute (MESPIN), inhabit, then operate an award-winning proprietorship, a studio, providing a decade of executive level digital era solutions, cutting-edge Internet apps, publish media content, performing aesthetic design. Advancing personal capabilities in media and medium, form and function, obtain diverse exposure to varied media industry “project lifecycle” frameworks, while obtaining an interdisciplinary M.F.A. degree (UX/Interactive Media). Investments include: Kitten Kommotion children’s and TOURon travel videos, Center For Creative Play (CFCP) “inclusive” brand, Painted Walls movie concept/script, Suburban Living Magazine, industry recognition, speaker engagements, awards.

Results: Studio “lab” experience, coupled with an M.F.A., successfully led to the formulation of a “universal-lifecycle,” Barton James’ 5D’s (D1SCOVER, D2FINE, D3SIGN, D4VELOP, D5LIVER).


BARTON JAMES – Published/Book Series

Situation/Task: Barton James a recognized Internet Business Analyst/Project Manager. Decades managing, hands-on, an array of tools, techniques and project lifecycles, leaders today, lack a single “taxonomy” or best practices “Media Bible” bridging process gaps between stakeholders, creative/market, content/data, technology, and customer service.

Action: Inspired by colleagues, clients, partners, with collaboration from 30+ industry executives, hundreds more contributors and students, two decades research and design, the complete 6 book series (the Barton James’ DIGITAL MEDIA: A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA) parallels valued trade reference publications. Backbones of industries, building/construction, marketing and psychology, software and project management, of benefit to their respective professions: AIA Graphic Design Standards, DSM-5, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Result: Internet executives, business analysts, project managers, media architects, technologists, designers, trainers/instructors, target audiences/users can resource a collective framework, universal terminology, compartmentalized yet flexible to “fit” diverse, a multi-disciplined, “digital era” cross-platform “production cycle” and/or media “project pipeline”.